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Start getting more back out of your medical services. You could qualify for medical reimbursement.

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like the concept of GAP, but can’t find a product that fits your needs? We can shape our plan to your specifications!

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HSA Compatible

Start benfiting from our services more. With our HSA compatable services!

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Go with the professionals. We’ve helped save people over $10,000,000 in just 10 years of service!

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We’re Building a New Way of Staying Healthy Financially

Out-of-pocket Maximums on most group health plans (that are affordable) have increased to over $7000 per year, and for the family that limit is over $14,000.  These amounts are so high the vast majority of everyday Americans will get in real financial peril if they have large claims. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease…..chronic illnesses can cripple a family financially. As the employer, you can provide a plan to reimburse a portion of this cost.

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Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans (MERP) allow an employer to reimburse these out-of-pocket expenses (tax-deductible to the employer, but not taxed to the employee). When compared to the cost of insuring these expenses, MERPs show a significant cost advantage.


EZMerp specializes in assisting small employers with these plans. We build them with the employer, write plan documents, communicate the plan to the employees and administer the plans. 


Check with us to see if a MERP works for you!

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