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Our plan pays benefits based on the primary insurance carrier benefits.

So you don’t have variations between the gap plan and the primary plan.
The underlying plan determines what is eligible.

No snail-mail: all communications go via email.
Benefits are paid directly to the employee.

Clearly in today’s market there is a good place for gap plans, but most
gap plans are designed for the insurance company to make profits.

Our plan is self-insured so if you don’t have the claims you profit (by saving).
You save even more.

We believe in maximizing the value of a dollar. By integrating all of the pieces
into our system we have one communication channel and one payment channel.

After the initial start up it is pretty easy to know what is going to happen and who
to call for help if it is needed.

The new ACA plans have high out of pocket maximums; single maximum of
$6350 and a family out-of-pocket maximum of $12,700. Statistics show that
the majority of people have a very hard time coming up with $2000 in an emergency.

The disconnect between these 2 metrics is the premium cost to buy a good
traditional PPO. It is so high that it is virtually unaffordable. We think our plans can give you and your broker the tools to build a plan that reduces cost and keeps
them out-of-pocket maximum lower so that medical needs can be met, all
while balancing the budget of the employer.

Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP)

This is established in IRC 105 and it allows an employer to share the cost of qualified expenses with employees and their families for medical, dental, vision and a variety of other charges. This is not an HRA. It is like an HRA, but much easier to setup and manage.

A MERP can be used by an employer to enhance their health benefits. With Out-of-Pocket Maximums as high as $6850 per year, most people cannot afford to pay their share of a large claim. This allows an employer to share part of the cost.

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