About EZMerp

Learn what we’re doing at EZMerp to help small businesses every day

Building a New Way of Staying Financially Healthy

We specialize in Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans (MERP) and customized Gap insurance. We do gap insurance the right way, YOUR WAY. We customize our plans to fit any and all of your clients needs. “Gaps” and “MERPS” offer a way to offset high deductible plans and help with Out of Pocket expenses. Learn how EZMerp Can start saving you money today!


Our Executives


Ericka Miller

 Vice President of Sales and Claims

Jim Stowe


Cindy Stowe

Vice President of Operations

Our Mission

Our Mission at EZMerp is to ensure our clients are getting the most out of their medical services. We believe no one should pay in excess for medical services. Thats why we started to implement programs like GAP/MERP. These programs have provided ‘x amount’ in savings, and that number climbs by the day!

What EZMerp Offers


  • Been in business over 10 years
  • Over 200 plans administered
  • High energy sales reps.
  • Small and Large Group plans
  • HSA Compatable

Questions? Reach out to us Today!

  • 1-888-553-6426
  • info@ezmerp.biz
  • 1-888-551-8357 (FAX)